Company Instrument Model Year Comments Colour
Alesis Sequencer MMT-8 198? Sometimes looses data Grey
Apple Computer PM G4 1999 Power PC G4 350 mhz, 320 mb ram, 10+40 gb hd Blue
Apple Computer eMac 2002 Power PC G4 700 mhz, 384 mb ram, 40 gb hd White
Clavia Synthesizer MicroModular 2000 Really cool red colour. A little bit of polyphony wouldn’t hurt though. Red
Ensoniq Sampler ASR-X 199? Broken parameter wheel. Fully extended version. Black
Epiphone Electric Bass EB-3 2002 Cherry red
Hammond Organ T200 1970 Two broken bass pedals, d and f#, otherwise the best. A little heavy
though, nothing you drag around to gigs.
Hughes & Kettner Guitar Amplifier 1999 Used as bass amp when Mattias doesn’t want to drag the really heavy
Peavey to rehearsals.
Ibanez Delay Pedal DD7 2001 Aluminium
Johan Voice Human 1980 Frontman
Korg Synthesizer EA-1 1999 Looks cool in the dark Blue
Korg Drum Machine ER-1 1999 Looks cool in the dark Red
Korg Synthesizer Micro Korg 2002 Can be battery operated! Really cool vocoder too. Wood/Grey/Beige
Marshall Dist Pedal Bluesbreaker II 2001 Chrome
Midiman Midi Keyboard MK 61 1998 Black
MidiSport Midi Keyboard 2000 Some broken keys, fresh paint job though. Chrome
MXR Dist Pedal Distortion + 2001 Yellow
Peavey Bass Amplifier TKO 75 1992 Sounds OK, but not great. Black
Roland Drum Machine R8 1990 Dance and Electronic expansion cards Black
Samson Mixer Mixpad 9 1999 Black
Seagull Acoustic Guitar S 6 Cedar 2000 Cedar Wood
Siel Synthesizer Cruise 1981 Poly/monophonic synthesizer. Found in a garbagepile. Brown
Squier Electronic Guitar Super Sonic 1997 One volume knob and one pick-up removed. Metal flake blue
Studiomaster Mixer Diamond 16-2 1990 16 Channel fine channels. Black
Thunér Dist/Compressor 1997 Home made by Gustav’s uncle Black
Thunér Power Amplifier 1986 Home made by Gustav’s uncle Black
Thunér PA Speakers 1992 Home made by Gustav’s uncle from IKEA shelfs Wood
Vox Guitar Amplifier AC 30 1964 New Sovtek tubes, home made powerbreak Black/Brown
Zoom Multieffect Processor 1201 1998 Black/gold
Zoom Guitar Muliteffect Processor 505 1998 Black
Xylofon Not a real one, just a toy one. Orange
Tambourine Black
Kid Guitar Used for the intro to ”Den nionde revolutionen” Black
Harmonica Chrome

Former Gear

Boss Dist pedal Metalzone MT-2 1996 Gustav gave it to his baby brother Very dark grey
Korg Synthesizer Poly 800 198? Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer Black
Marshall Guitar Amplifier Valvestate 40 1991 Borrowed by Gustavs baby brother Black/Gold
Roland Drum Machine TR 707 198? Traded for the R8 Ivory/orange
GEM Electric Organ Wizard 326 1974 Subject to some heavy modifications in order to improve it’s live-abilities.
Now out for sale, maybe.
Ibanez Electric Bass SR-300 1996 Used by Johan for practice nowadays Red