3′s Äpplen

I went to the local pub wanted to listen to dub I started to fly when I saw this girl three apples high I saw her face and it took place inside my head I know she has a boy and i am her toy It’s her hobby to start breaking a popstar heart Refr:… Fortsätt läsa 3′s Äpplen


Refr: This is life Everybody say yeah YEAH Everybody say Ho HO HO HO Put your hands in the air. Say WOAH WOAH Let me hear you are there and say WOAH WOAH Refr x 5 And we don´t care

All skit i ansiktet

I would not touch you with me hands Your naked body is more than I could bare With your face close to my I’m so scared and far to shy I’m to close to touch you and to far away to love you Save me from a cold world Save me from a world so… Fortsätt läsa All skit i ansiktet

Alternativt solsken

Hey, hey, hey it’s a sunny day come out and play I don’t care what you say as long as it’s a sunny day don’t mind the tears don’t mind the fears outside is some bears eating loads of pears as long as the sky is blue and I’m with you I don’t care what… Fortsätt läsa Alternativt solsken


02 Är Gonna fly to heaven I wanna dance Wanna be fluffy High in the sky Let’s go high so we can fly Don’t you die Try the sky! Refr: I wanna be free I feel like a bee float or maybe an angel thus thee tree Cool, oh cool an intresting night Wanna be… Fortsätt läsa Är

Åska och dunder

I care about youAnd what you doAnd I can seeThat you care about me Out in the rainI’m in saneIt’s too bad weatherfor us to be together Heather,I don’t care whether we are together It’s much more funto play under the sunbut hey, hey, heyThe sky is grey Heather!I don’t care whether we are together

Beckasiner av mocka

I am seventeen You are In Berlin You can’t Stay longer now going out for a German cow Suedeland on a friday night Suedeland i n black and white You had a top five And every song you had so did I I was seventeen you were in Berlin but thats over now after too… Fortsätt läsa Beckasiner av mocka

Dadgab i Noxin

Dadgad i noxin We met on the internet A night I wont forget I could almost hear your laughter Ba ba bapa ba pa ba ba Summer and festivals are here And I meet you for real See your smile for the first time Ba ba bapa ba pa ba ba Bridge: And we are… Fortsätt läsa Dadgab i Noxin


Vers1: Jag söker dig på avstånd dom korta orden är svåra dom orden dom är våra jag får inget sagt fast jag vill snälla stanna lite till Refr: Du är morgondagens vän svagt sus, blinkande skärm kanske är du naken endast du är vaken

Den nionde revolutionen

Den nionde revolutionen They say I belong in the zoo They say things you don’t do But I don’t listen to them I don’t listen to them I listen to rock’n’roll They say things like I love you They do things with you But I don’t love them I don’t do them I love rock’n’roll… Fortsätt läsa Den nionde revolutionen