Saras heta natt

turn off turn off the light and I and I might kiss kiss your hand and take you and take you to another land refr: she was sixteen looked like seventeen we were sixteen in our sweetest dream in in the dark it’s it’s just you, me and spark if if you want hin to… Fortsätt läsa Saras heta natt

Skalmans inferno

Small bugs Say hello It’s summertime Here I go Come and hug my ladybug Hello little bug Are you afraid I’m not going to kill you Not today Come and hug my ladybug But tomorrow The rain is falling And I hear death for you calling Come and hug my ladybug

Beckasiner av mocka

I am seventeen You are In Berlin You can’t Stay longer now going out for a German cow Suedeland on a friday night Suedeland i n black and white You had a top five And every song you had so did I I was seventeen you were in Berlin but thats over now after too… Fortsätt läsa Beckasiner av mocka


I will be the one who guides you safetly in the night I’ll be the one who make you feel alright I’ll be the on who protect you when I’m dead I’ll be the one who look after your head I’ll be the one who will be always be around I’m here with my feets… Fortsätt läsa Superglasnost

Åska och dunder

I care about youAnd what you doAnd I can seeThat you care about me Out in the rainI’m in saneIt’s too bad weatherfor us to be together Heather,I don’t care whether we are together It’s much more funto play under the sunbut hey, hey, heyThe sky is grey Heather!I don’t care whether we are together


Oyeah Baby, yeah Oh babe obey. That’s okey Yeah Oh, C’mon let´s go We have to go. My baby, oh no! Yeah, My baby, Yeah Oyeah Obaby, Yeah Yeah Okey obey. That’s Okey My baby obey Yeah Oh Oh no let´s go I feel so sorry to go Yeah, My baby, Yeah Oyeah Obaby, Yeah

Nidit går på gatan

You won’t see my face anymore You won’t kiss my lips anymore You won’t touch my skin anymore You won’t hear my voice anymore Can you kiss me? Will you miss me? When I’m gone When I’m dead I will see your face when I’m dead I will kiss your lips when I’m dead I… Fortsätt läsa Nidit går på gatan