Jag återföddes en gång på en filt

Sunshine Picninctime You’re so fine After a bottle of wine ref. One, two, three four five Ok, I’m alive Six, seven, eight nine ten It’s happening again Love day In May That’s the way I’m so gay I’ll be here For an hour feel the Flower power

Jag bits

You never said my life wouldn’t be complete if I said goodbye to you and pressed delete so many sleepless nights in my bed so many toughts inside my head, I said Refr: I wouldn’t miss you when you’re gone but I love you when you’re here what I did is gone now my veins… Fortsätt läsa Jag bits

Jag fantiserar icke!

Once I was to young Once I was afraid Now I’m too old I’m to old to feel I lalalalove you I lalalalalove you I wish you were here Cause I miss you And I’m feeling so alone Yes I’m so alone I lalalalove you I lalalalalove you I ’‚m feeling so alone But I’m… Fortsätt läsa Jag fantiserar icke!

Kennets lövsångare

Half past twelve alone by myself you left me crying like a child Don’t leave me tonight don’t blow out the light tears evreywhere lost and wild Don’t leave me alone waiting by the phone Is your heart made of stone Refr: Take me, kiss me stay here and you won’t miss me Take me,… Fortsätt läsa Kennets lövsångare


Wanna have you here Wanna disapear Wanna have another beer Wanna taste your fear Wanna have a Mer Wanna have you dear Wanna have your sugarpear

Nidit går på gatan

You won’t see my face anymore You won’t kiss my lips anymore You won’t touch my skin anymore You won’t hear my voice anymore Can you kiss me? Will you miss me? When I’m gone When I’m dead I will see your face when I’m dead I will kiss your lips when I’m dead I… Fortsätt läsa Nidit går på gatan


Oyeah Baby, yeah Oh babe obey. That’s okey Yeah Oh, C’mon let´s go We have to go. My baby, oh no! Yeah, My baby, Yeah Oyeah Obaby, Yeah Yeah Okey obey. That’s Okey My baby obey Yeah Oh Oh no let´s go I feel so sorry to go Yeah, My baby, Yeah Oyeah Obaby, Yeah